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Once again it’s time for another Artius IT “Break Down!”. Translating complex IT (InformationTechnology) terms into simple and relatable terms. Today we are going to dive deeper into an AWS resource that makes DevOps (DevSecOps) agile and flexible. If you are not familiar with the Artius IT breakdown on DevOps follow this link tbs DevSecOps . This article is going to breakdown the features of a software product that Amazon offers.

DevOps Flow

CI/CD (Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Continous Deployment) is how businesses frequently release products and product updates to better align with their clients’ demands. Think about a water company delivering clean water to a community. There are numerous filters between the unsanitary water and the clean water that the community drinks. All along the pipeline will be a series of checks to make sure contaminants are not being passed to the community.  The water company will adjust its pipeline to match the needs of the community.

CI/CD is like the R&D (Research and Development) and marketing teams being combined in the best way to create, sell, and continually analyze the strength of products. Think about being able to invent a new product or service, and test whether that product or service meets the demands of its intended clients.  Since client demands are always changing, a product creator should want to create and update products, in the fastest way possible, to make as much money as possible. Don’t you want to meet your client’s demands faster than your competition? The updates have to be fast and reliable so that your business can effectively satisfy your clients. Swift and frequent product release is important because you will be able to understand how to improve your customer’s experience with a product. After understanding how to improve your customer’s experience, you can quickly test innovative methods to see which one your customer is most receptive to.

Fast, Reliable, Automated CI/CD

The resource that AWS (Amazon Web Services) offers for powerful CI/CD is called CodePipeline. CodePipeline allows you to constantly build, test, and deploy creative updates so that you can increase your profit margin. Write code and launch it to the different parts of the DevOps model. You can configure each part of your DevOps environment to ensure that the code is compliant with preconfigured rules. CodePipeline is fully managed, automated, fast and reliable. Third party services and platforms like Github, or other custom plugins, can easily integrate into your CodePipeline instance too. The billing is based on a usage model with no upfront fees.

tbs barney style solutions different stages of a pipeline

Agility and flexibility make CodePipeline so powerful.  You are able to automatically assess feedback from your client-product interactions, develop strategies to improve your product, test those strategies, and deploy the results of the test. Microservice architecture makes the debugging process faster because you have small and manageable components in every update you submit. It’s kind of like building with legos. Each lego is a small piece compared to the whole structure, so if one lego is defective, you can quickly remove that piece without the whole structure destroying.

Once you have tested your product or update, you will be able to easily release your update to your customers.  You won’t have to worry about provisioning or managing the servers that host your CodePipeline. CodePipeline is fully managed and connects to your preferred tools. Pick the way you want to configure your workflow. Use the AWS console, CLI (Command Line Interface), templates or any other SDK (Software Development Kit).  Configure the different stages of your software build. Code your company and industry regulations into your CodePipeline stages. Run frequent tests to make sure your software is up to par with your companies guidelines. Every part of the CodePipeline loop can be configured; the source, build, test, staging, and production are all programmable.  

Start with CodePipeline today to empower your company with the best tool in DevOps CI/CD. Contact Tor today. Let’s design an automated solution that meets your clients’ demands faster than your competition.

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