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AWS CodeBuild is a fully managed software offering frro CI (Continuous Integration). If you are not familiar with the DevOps philosophy of CI, then we recommend you read are CI article before continuing with the rest of this introduction into CodeBuild.  As usual, we are going to give you the Artius IT Breakdown on this software offering, so that you can understand how to leverage this powerful tool.

CI is like a conveyor belt in an industrial widget factory. All along the conveyor belt would be people who perform quality inspection on the product as it travels down the belt from start to finish.  Along the path of the belt, some products might not meet the standard for progressing to completion. The whole idea is to operate the conveyor belt in a manner that prevents traffic jams and promotes fast and efficient product delivery to consumers. Sometimes the conveyor belt will need to be managed as it is the most important tool the factory has for completing, testing, and delivering their products. So anytime you hear the buzzword “CI”, just remember this conveyor belt analogy.

What Is CodeBuild

CodeBuild is the software equivalent to a real-world conveyor belt. With CodeBuild you can compile your software source code, run tests on your code, and produce software packages for deployment to customers. This is done in a fully managed, secure, and cost optimized environment.

Since CodeBuild is fully managed, software developers do not have to provision their code building servers. They simply sign into the resource and start coding. Imagine our real-world factory workers just showing up to a conveyor belt that they never have to build or manage. This speeds up the rate of product creation and updating. Imagine the conveyor belt never breaking down, no matter how many products and product updates are on the belt.  CodeBuild ca process multiple builds at the same time. There will never be a software package stalled in the build process. Code gets processed as soon as it is submitted.

CodeBuild fully integrates with other tools. Each build environment is designed to be easy to operate. You can even use CodeBuild as a node for other build servers like Jenkins. If you want to have more power over your build, you’ll be able to customize your environment.

The security authorization and access tools from AWS make your CodeBuild environments safe.  Use resources like KMS (Key Management Services) for encryption and IAM (Identity and Access Management) for granting users permission on your software packages pushed through the build.

AWS CodeBuild makes it affordable to compile, run, test and deliver software packages for deploying.  You are not charged for the times that you are not pushing your code down your “conveyor belt”. You are only charged for the time, per minute, that you or your team is actually working on the code. You’ll save money by not paying for your build environment when nobody is in there.

Give us a shout today to develop a sound DevOps environment and reach meet your customers demand faster than your competition.

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