These are the different products and services offered by Barney Style Solutions

Mowing Solutions

Artius: Leading the Charge in High-End, Eco-Friendly Mowing Solutions In an era where environmental sustainability is increasingly crucial, Artius is proud to be a leading provider of high-end, electrical and solar-powered mowers. Our mission is to offer superior quality mowing solutions that not only achieve exceptional performance but also contribute to a greener, more sustainable […]

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Superior Ammunition Supplies

At Artius, we understand the vital role that quality ammunition plays in maintaining the safety, security, and peace of a nation. As a premier provider of top-tier ammunition, our primary objective is to meet the exact needs of our diverse clientele, ranging from national security organizations to outdoor enthusiasts.

We take immense pride in being a trusted supplier to esteemed clients like the National Park Services, who rely on us to fulfill their specific ammunition requirements. Our unwavering commitment to quality assurance, combined with our exceptional customer service, has enabled us to forge long-standing relationships with clients who trust us for their ammunition needs.

Artius does not manufacture ammunition. Instead, we partner with reputable manufacturers worldwide to supply an extensive range of ammunition types. This allows us to ensure that our clients receive nothing but the best and most reliable products that meet their unique requirements.

Choosing Artius means choosing a partner that deeply understands the critical importance of dependable ammunition supplies. With us, you can rest assured knowing that you’re getting top-of-the-line ammunition that’s been rigorously tested for performance and reliability.

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Software Development

Artius – Empowering Businesses with Tailored Software Solutions In the era of digital transformation, software is the cornerstone of business efficiency. Artius is committed to enabling your business to reach new heights of success with our comprehensive software production capabilities. Artius Software Production – Driving Business Success Artius is a leading software production company, bridging

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Cyber Security

Secure Your Digital Landscape with Artius In today’s fast-paced and interconnected world, cybersecurity is not a luxury—it’s a necessity. At Artius, we understand the complex and ever-changing nature of cyber threats. Our mission is to protect your business from the unpredictability of the digital landscape by providing top-tier cybersecurity solutions. Artius Cybersecurity: Safeguarding Your Digital

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Electronics Store

At Artius, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide exceptional solutions in the field of Information Technology (IT). As part of our commitment to delivering the highest quality products and services, we have forged a valuable partnership through the Small Business Administration Mentor Protege Program with SHI International, a renowned provider of electronic products and solutions.

Through our strong collaboration with SHI International, Artius is able to offer our clients access to the full suite of SHI products. Whether you require hardware, software, networking equipment, or any other IT-related products, we have you covered. As an authorized reseller, we ensure that our clients have access to a wide range of top-quality products that meet their specific requirements.

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Medical Gas

Artius Awarded Prestigious Medical Gas Contracts with Veterans Administration Medical Centers in Lebanon and Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Partnership with Linde-Gas Accelerates High-Quality, Streamlined Delivery of Life-Saving Liquid Oxygen

LEBANON, PA & BUCKS COUNTY, PA – Artius, a leading provider of comprehensive healthcare solutions, proudly announces being awarded significant medical gas contracts with the Veterans Administration Medical Centers in Lebanon, PA, and Bucks County, PA. This achievement underscores our commitment to delivering exceptional healthcare services to our veterans, facilitating their wellbeing, and enhancing their quality of life.

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Artius IT devsecops

Artius IT DevSecOps

It’s time to break IT (information technology) down “Barney Style!” With so many buzzwords in the computer world, it can be a mind numbing experience when a business owner hears a word like “DevSecOps.” Barney Style Solutions wants to draw the simplest connection from what you know as a business owner to what information technology enthusiasts know from being nerds. This post will follow the “techie-speech is to a normal-day-example” method, in which we will use techie buzzwords and draw connections to common business principles. So let’s do it. Let’s break it down Barney Style.

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Artius IT DevOps on AWS

Artius IT DevOps on AWS

Speed and flexibility are important superpowers to have in today’s information technology world. Think about it from a traditional “brick-and-mortar” business scenario. When you produce a widget, you want to get it from the stages of imagination to production in the fastest and most sensible manner. Having a streamlined method of getting business ideas from conception to production is “make it or break it”. Two companies offering the same type of service to the same pool of customers will need the added benefit of testing their product to see how good the customer reception is. What processes are in place at your company to service your clients with products in the most efficient manner? DevOps has been a buzzword in the software and IT community for a while. What are the operations your company uses to develop software in a swift, flexible, and maintainable manner, so that you can competitively reach clients? Barney Style Solutions wants to give you our “Barney Style” Breakdown on AWS (Amazon Web Services) DevOps culture, principles, and practices. For more information on AWS DevOps click the link. This article briefly discusses the services and key features of AWS DevOps.

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