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Graph API

The Graph API


The premier method of reading and writing to the Facebook social graph for apps is the Graph API.  If you want to know how to interact with all of Facebook’s SDKs and products, or use other APIs which are extensions of the Graph API, then you have understand the Graph API.  

This is the Artius IT break down of the Graph API in four major sections, and sub-sections.

  • The Overview which includes:
    • Structure
    • Access tokens
    • Inner workings of different versions
  • Using The Graph API Explorer to:
    • Build queries and receive responses through the Graph API Explorer app.
  • Operating the Graph API
    • Common operations
  • The Graph API Reference
    • Find all the information you want to find through using the reference

After learning the basics, it will be easier for you to use more advanced information. You’ll be able to use 3rd party SDKs to interact with the Graph API (using languages like Python, JavaScript, IOS, Android, PHP, Third-Party SDKs). Move up to advanced topics like; aliasing, multiple requests, and asynchronous batch requests. You can use the update section to learn how to keep the current version.