BC300X Artius Win Report Featured Image Ogura Tool Cutting

Artius Win Report: County of San Diego Rescue Tools

Artius delivers two BC-300X Multitools to the SD County Special Enforcement Detail For Immediate Release: Artius is proud to announce the launch of their newest offering, Ogura Rescue tools. The team was extremely excited to provide cutting, spreading and squeezing edge equipment to the Special Enforcement Detail. We are grateful for the continued relationship with …

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DGS Building ziggurat Sacramento CMAS Post

Artius Win Report: California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS)

The Team at Artius is proud to announce their CMAS status with the State of California For Immediate Release: Artius has been approved to be a preferred vendor for the State of California. With a proven track record, and a growing list of wins, leadership at the Department of Goods and Services have deemed Artius …

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Multiple Award Schedule Artius offers a wide array of products to fit the complex needs of Government Agencies and currently holds a California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS). As a CMAS Vendor, Artius receives non competitive Requests for Offers and is a certified Preferred Disabled Veteran Business for multiple Government Agencies. A Proven Record Artius continues …

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Artius Win Report: Department of Veteran Affairs Lebanon, PA

For Immediate Release: Setting the new bar for Artius ,in both total award and management services, the Artius Project Management Team (APMT) is proud to report their newest contract with the Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) Lebanon, Pennsylvania. Marking their first service contract, Artius is excited to work, once again, with the DVA Lebanon team. …

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Artius IT codepipeline

Artius IT CI/CD Tool

Once again it’s time for another Barney Style “Break Down!”. Translating complex IT (InformationTechnology) terms into simple and relatable terms. Today we are going to dive deeper into an AWS resource that makes DevOps (DevSecOps) agile and flexible. If you are not familiar with the Barney Style breakdown on DevOps follow this link tbs DevSecOps . This article is going to breakdown the features of a software product that Amazon offers.

Artius IT devsecops

Artius IT DevSecOps

It’s time to break IT (information technology) down “Barney Style!” With so many buzzwords in the computer world, it can be a mind numbing experience when a business owner hears a word like “DevSecOps.” Barney Style Solutions wants to draw the simplest connection from what you know as a business owner to what information technology enthusiasts know from being nerds. This post will follow the “techie-speech is to a normal-day-example” method, in which we will use techie buzzwords and draw connections to common business principles. So let’s do it. Let’s break it down Barney Style.

Artius IT artificial intelligence machine learning

Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning

Amazon’s AWS SageMaker makes it possible to build, train and deploy machine learning models quickly. It is fully managed and covers the entire ML (machine learning) workflow. A lot of large companies use SageMaker resource. With SageMaker you can; collect and prepare training data, choose and optimize your ML algorithms, setup and manage training environments, and tune your model for optimization. Models can be deployed and managed in production. Use reinforcement learning to build smart outcomes. SageMaker is open and flexible and AWS will provide detailed instructions on how to use the SageMaker resource.

full stack workload

Full Stack Workload

Build, deploy, monitor, and protect and incredible presence on the world wide web. Manage that presence for 6 months to a year with Barney Style Solutions. Use emergent technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning to adapt and grow to an ever changing more connected world. Secure your data properly as per compliance and governance regulations…

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